SAP Consulting

About us

We are purely Czech software company, which was founded in July 2012 and since then is providing consulting services in informational systems area and is developing its own software solutions using the latest developer tools and technologies.

The main area is SAP ERP. Our team of developers, consultants and software architects with more than 15 year experience can flexible react on client requirements and develop needed functionalities with emphasis of using process standards and optimized programme codes.

The main objective of our company is constant increase of quality of supplied services and also developing of our own innovative solutions. We are young dynamically growing company, in which we heed to high expertise and quality of supplied services.

In cooperation with us You can expect:

  • Professionality
  • Experienced consultants
  • Smart and fast developers
  • Professional trainers

And the result is always fully functional application implemented and customized according to client specifications.