SAP Consulting

Our services

  • SAP implementation

    Our company T-MC66 has long-time experience with implementation of SAP systems. We are ready to implement any project with our coordinated and professional team of SAP consultants. We provide support during the whole project; preparation, consistent management of effective implementation and GO LIVE support with help-desk after realization. We enter the project as competent and experienced partner on whom You can rely, because we trust in our motto „This business is not about us, it’s about YOU“. We use latest proactive processes for project management, which are based on standard SAP processes enhanced by our long-time experience.

  • SAP programming

    We develop products based on Your needs. We programme in ABAP, BSP, Java and other programming languages. Each of our experienced developers has knowledge of several programming languages and has experience in many industries. We also invented own framework, which is realized on OOP based on MVC software design pattern.

    Detailed summary of used technologies and tools:

    Programming languages, technologies, standards:
    ABAP, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Pascal, Delphi, CGI, Perl, Python, Bash, HTML, XHTML, Visual Basic, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, VBS, VBA, AppleScript (včetně ASObjC), Objective C, Cocoa Framework, T-SQL, ASP.NET, J2SE, XML, UML, J2EE, Microsoft.NET, NativeSQL, Webdesign, Webservices, XSLT.

    Development tools:
    Dialog programming, batch-input, Web Dynpro (, ABAP), NWDS, Extensions (customer exits, enhancements, enhancement spots), ALE / IDoc, BAPI, BSP, OOP, Java, Portal, ABAP Development Tools, Query, ABAP OO, ALV, PDF forms, SapScript, Smartforms

  • SAP Consulting

    Our consultants are ready to hear Your needs, analyse all related processes and then implement selected solution – everything with maximal efficiency in with regard to Your time and financial options.

    We offer You consultations and services in following areas:

    Logistics (material management, sales and distribution, invoice verification, warehouse management, handling units)
    Finances (accounting, controlling, asset, real estate management)
    Production (serial and discrete), production planning
    Business Objects (strategy, planning, reporting and analysis)
    Integration (portals, connection to external systems)
    Workflow integration above any business process with connection to portal solutions
    Programming, development of new functionalities and system integration
    DMS systems, document archiving, Adobe forms, Smart forms
    Data migration, stress tests, server management. Do You have specific requirement? Contact us and we will do everything we can.
  • SAP training

    Experienced trainers will walk through everything You need during the training. They will help You with orientation at key aspects in the given topic. They will explain everything in easy-to-learn way and they will also add some useful tips&tricks.

    Chose one of professionally prepared trainings, which was made by our specialists:

    SAP basics for everyone – become a master in user-interface of the most widespread ERP in the World
    SAP FI – financial accounting – learn tricks, which save You hours of work
    SAP ABAP – master basics of programming syntax
    SAP forms easy and fast – SAPscript, SAP Smart Forms, SAP Adobe Forms – creation of forms won’t be Your nightmare any more