SAP Consulting


Logistic invoice verification

Customer application which includes whole life cycle of processing of supplier invoice – its receiving, tagging with barcode, scanning, electronic registration and starting of approval process with automatically accounting and submitting for payment. The main benefits of this application are:

  • Customer customization of number of approval steps
  • Possibility of unlimited cyclical processing (refusal × approval)

Process of invoice is made in customer defined screen (structure and availability of input fields is customizable in each approval step).

Purchase requisition with tender

Application is constructed above SAP functionality „Purchase Request“ with fully configurable approval process, which contains sophisticated tool for tender management (with corresponding automatically generated forms, which are attached as attachments of whole approval process). Approval is finished by choosing of winning offer and followed by automatic creation of purchase order.


Additional program for processing a generating almost all types of XML files with following attributes:

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Dynamic configuration
  • Module architecture

It offers processing of any XML file without need of development the XML interface from scratch.

PRA (Application password reset)

Application is designed for automatic process for resetting user passwords in cases, when user forgets its password or repeatedly enters wrong password in login screen and the account gets locked. Each system administrator will like this application because of saving time with unlocking user accounts and resetting passwords.

Main attributes:

  • Application log for needs of audit
  • Dynamic texts for multi-language environment
  • 2 step verification for excluding risk of resetting another user account

CNB – Exchange rate list

Application downloads official Exchange rates of defined currencies provided by Czech National Bank. There is also possibility to download Exchange rates retrospectively; it means that You can download Exchange rates from past dates. Exchange rates of type „M“ are updated in SAP in main selection screen.


Timesheet offers complex, synoptically and easy-to-define solution for checking activities of external consultants (co-workers). It is dedicated to all companies, which have SAP ERP, work with external consultants and want synoptic report of funding of contracts, orders and requests.

Main attributes:

  • Simplicity of report (standard ALV)
  • Easy setup
  • Easy administration of authorization


Since 2015 we are working on development of our own product, which offers informational sub-system built above SAP data and database environment. It is highly modular system architected on common core with possibility of its setting and reusability by client without any intervention by the supplier. We are using our own framework during the development.

Architecture of the application is realized on OOP based on MVC (Model View Controller) software design pattern. Separated and fully configurable part of application will enable setting of behaviour and application appearance by hierarchical data maintenance.

Expected date of completion of the development and launch is planned on half of 2018.

The project and its development is co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Programme for Business and Innovation for Competitiveness. And within the ICT and shared services programme.