SAP Consulting


  • Škoda Auto a.s.

    Our most valuable reference – service deliveries since 2005

    FI and MM support
    Productive support of solution in UNIFI I VWGroup Rus project (MM and FI area), customization of approval strategies using classification, development of customer workflow for purchase order approval, development of customer workflow for tender process management, customization of basic functions of workflow and organizational management, testing, documentation processing, training of WF administration, maintenance of organizational structure and rules for processors searching, support of productive traffic.
    BM-TOOL project
    Workflow for purchase requests in range of 6 different strategies with multiple factors for approver determination. Proposal of BBP processing, customization, ABAP, testing, training, transports.
    TI-SYNCRO project
    SAP interface – SAP customization, programmer support, documentation, testing, and synchronization with running processes (analysis of JOB planning). Interface for creation of missing BOMs and creation of missing materials contained in BOM.
    BESI-EFA project
    Interface from non-SAP to SAP, customization, testing, documentation, user training and GO-live support. WM area – planning management based on real data from production.
  • Škoda Auto Deutschland (ŠAD)

    Definition and realization of whole purchase processes of company

    Process analysis, preparation of target concept, project management, and customer development of supplier invoices with approval workflow connected.


    Development in area of maintenance of master data, creation of customer reports and processing of internal flow of documents.

  • Mahr

    FI user training in areas: accounting in FI, FI-BA, FI-AA, CO-CCA, closing operations; GO-live support in areas above, Czech banks customization (project 6g) and testing of solution, tax and tax codes setup due to requirements in 2016.