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SAP R / 3 support will end in 2025


Support for the most widely used version of SAP R/3 platform will end in 2025. So it is high time to start planning the migration to SAP S/4 HANA.

Is your company ready to move to SAP S/4 HANA. According to KPMG analysis, there is nothing to wait for. Later you start planning migration your existing systems, the more difficulty it will be to get experts to help you make the migration smooth. So don't leave anything to chance, and plan your migration in advance, so your business canĀ  continue running smoothly. For more about expiring SAP R3 support, and the total estimated cost of migration to HANA S/4, read the E15 article: sap-can-businesses-hurt-costs-reach-and-hundred-billion-estimates-kpmg-1365491